Thursday, May 28, 2009

Transformingly Awesome

This clip is solely to make Stephen the proudest uncle in all the land:

This version is a bit nuttier, due to Noah's recent testing out of humor. It turns out that if you are five and add the words "Tinker Bell" to ANYTHING, you become the preschool version of Chris Rock:

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Manipulation, Mother's Day, Moshing, & Mighty Firsts & Lasts

So I manipulate. Now, in this situation, I find it completely justified. Before notifying Seth that there was an obstruction in our gutter (for all of you mortified men, it is at the BEGINNING of the gutter and shouldn't present any real problems for water flow), I made sure that the boys were fully attached to the obstruction. I explained to my young ones that the Mommy & Daddy doves and the developing baby birds are part of our family. And since Seth is a to-the-bone softy for little boys and animals, we have permanent residents.

This has been a week of lasts...last day of preschool, last swim lessons, last soccer game, last piece of chocolate cake ever (okay that's just ridiculous):
Noah's last day of preschool (EVER) involved some ugly, heavy mascara smudging

This doesn't technically show you their last day of swimming, but it makes my heart leap nevertheless.

The Mighty Mighty Jaguars!

The boys got to enjoy a first...FIRE. It was a thrilling Mom's Day afternoon at Dita's house that included an inaugural fire pit usage. Ian discovered that campfires include a delicacy titled smores, so he believes these will now be provided during each visit at Gma's house. Noah was fascinated with the makings of the fire and when the flame got too small, he requested that Jer Jer "turn it back on."

Ian's first trip to the dentist (they didn't have TVs on the ceiling when I was a youngin'):

And precious Connor continues to endure the heaps of love the boys place upon him:

Connor's 2nd month picture (he'll be three months on Saturday so perhaps that one will be posted sooner):

Check out more of Connor's smiles at Ian's form of affection:

If you are a Third Day fan, you'll appreciate that we recently scooped center, front row and had an incredible time during our favorite band's concert. We no longer will accept going to any concert that does not include the words center and first row. We also had our second opportunity to meet the band, which was fast and furious, but here a couple of pics of our fan-dom anyhow. I'm sure someday they will enjoy an entire dinner with us.

Our front row Joe view of Mac:

Seth's proof of his great catch of Mark's pick:

Waiting to meet the band:

Seth's manly shaking arm:

Our pals Brad & Christy with our BFFs (B & C had to bring binoculars for their first row, LEFT seats):

For more Third Day concert footage (please note exactly who Mac is looking at in the first frame):

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Chicken Lady's Grandma

On April 20, 2009, my Grandma went Home. I was able to hop on a plane to Washington and be with her in the hospital during her last few hours. Sitting there, watching her precious face and small, but strong body, so many moments surrounded me. The dresses she made my cousin and I to wear in a parade; the summer weeks I spent at her country house while she let me play the part of "Chicken Lady" (my CB name), as I gathered up the chicken eggs and came screeching to her for help because the chickens were following me (those big, bad frightening fowl); her hearty hugs which could cause Hulk Hogan to beg for mercy. A life well lived and a life loving well.

Nothing EVER compares with the feeling you get when you walk into Grandma's house. Here are my Grandparents with Seth and 16-month old Noah in 2005 (my Grandpa passed away in 2006)

On her wedding day

Yes, they actually did used to make them that classy. She could whip up a dinner for 20, end up with a spotless kitchen, and still look like she just jumped off the May 1957 Glamour cover.

Grandma, your talent for macaroni salad eludes me, but I pray your ability to make your family feel embraced, even from hundreds of miles away, makes its way to me. Until your next hug...