Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer Dance

Sun is shining. Weather is sweet. Make you wanna move your dancing feet. -Bob Marley (I'm always quoting that cat.)

After shakin' our summer booties at the American Idol concert, and making a mini-vacay out of the trip to OKC:

After hanging out at our neighborhood pool in the 30+ days of over 100 degrees:

 When our summer birthday celebrations were complete:

After witnessing lovebirds commit to life long wedded bliss:

After reconnecting with high school friends at our 10 year reunion since the last 10 year reunion:

When the laid back days began fading away...

And our summer haircuts had all grown out:

Once our playing in Dallas with good friends was complete:

After packing up the kids, and moving them to a new house...

Our summer wished us well, kissed us good bye, and pushed us off to the bus stop:

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

little spotlights

Here is our Easter picture this year...sitting at church watching Daddy practice his song special for Worship service. It may not be fancy, but that's my point. I often get caught up in the BIG events in my life and I try documenting those. But as I get younger (hey, a girl can dream), I am realizing all of HH and my memories go back mostly to the little moments of our days:
Watching Ian play with legos for HOURS at the dining room table (and sometimes talking Noah into building the more challenging vehicles for him)

Taking a ride on the zoo train

Connor wearing his backpack (and pjs) and hurrying to make the bus 

Whew--he made the bus, along with a couple of other cuties!

Cheering on MANY soccer games, including the ones in HH's old man league (of course, HH is one of the few WITHOUT the adult beverage belly and WITH incredible youthful skill and hotness)

Then, of course, there are the REALLY big days like my baby turning 7!

And getting to go miniature golfing with his best buddies

Or celebrating Jer Jer's birthday AND a new about monumental moments!!!

But these are the moments that are making up the majority of our happy days: