Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Toddler's Ski Trip

In my excitement of baby news, I neglected to relay the riveting details of our ski trip. Seth and I drove to Steamboat Springs, CO, at the end of January, while Grandmom (Seth's mom) kept the boys entertained for five days (there's a special place in sainthood for you, Gmom).

While on this trip, I realized just exactly how much I am like Ian, my two-year old:
  1. I need many movies or hours of conversation on a car trip to keep me from being fussy.

  2. When Seth would pass me on a ski run, I felt like poking him with my ski pole or falling down (which is a gift of mine, anyway, while skiing) in a heap and shouting, "Me first, me first".

  3. I'm always better behaved after a lengthy nap and a delicious snack.

  4. I handed my ski pole to Seth so he could help me fix the handle strap, and I immediately grabbed it back and said "No, I do it myself. MYSELF!!!!!!!!".
  5. I need LOTS of verbal affirmation and am not afraid to request it. For example, "Seth, tell me how much I've improved since yesterday" or "Seth, say, 'Awesome' and 'Great job' while you pass me" (if you forget to praise Ian after using the potty, he will respond, "Say, 'YYYYAYYYYYYYYYYYYY' to me" or after he uses the words please or thank you, "Say 'GOOD MANNERS!' to me".)

  6. I am not afraid to do things unconventionally:

Ian eating olives:

Jenni practicing before going to Colorado (yes, this is in my driveway):

Here is where Ian and I differ:

He is MUCH more adorable in goggles than I am (in your comments, please say, "Jenni, you look FABULOUS in goggles and ski wear.")

Ian and I both also like LOTS of pictures to be taken at any event (or non-event):

Seth standing still--he did this A LOT while waiting for me to get a bit down the mountain:

It was VERY rare that I saw this angle of Seth:

A rare moment of uprightness:

And, again:

Beauty on the slopes:

And here we are at a fancy restaurant at the top of the mountain, looking like touristy, ski bums:

Abe and I contemplating how youthful and sculptured he looks for his 200 years:

Both contemplating how neither had a choice in sitting on this bench:

I'm sure it's hard for locals to recognize tourists, when they're taking pictures in front of large mounds of snow:

My favorite ski trip activity:

One of the many creative activities that Grandmom prepared for the boys, was mapping out what Mommy & Daddy would see in Colorado. She copied photos of landmarks to share with the boys, including the famous "Rabbit Ear Motel" landmark. And no, we did not sleep here. That's me, in the looming shadow:

And for your mocking pleasure, more of my driveway skiing adventure. One of my favorite comments on FaceBook regarding these pictures was a friend who asked if I had installed a ski lift. My answer, is no, but I'm putting it in our January 2010 budget:

Skiing off into the sunset (toward the mailbox):

And if you just can't get enough of my family, please review the following videos. One is of Seth singing:, and the other is of Noah reading to Ian (the key for entertainment is to keep your eye on Ian):

Monday, February 9, 2009

We're Expecting!!!!

And these are some of the people who are helping to make it happen...

Will, our DHS intake specialist

Angela, our home study specialist

Sofia and Sydney, our foster/adoption classes teachers

So for those of you who haven't already grown comatose from my endless chatter about this journey we are on, we are planning on fostering a baby. So here are some answers to some FAQ:

Why are you doing this?
Before we had our biological children, I told Seth that adoption was something God had put on my heart for awhile. I always wanted to be pregnant (if that was an option) and I also wanted to adopt. Seth was amazingly on board and has been for many years. My feeling is children are like a nice, cheesy pizza: I don't care if I make it at home or if it's delivered to me, I just want it in my house (do you think my children will appreciate this analogy?).

Are you doing this because you want a girl?

Actually, we're requesting one of the male variety.

What age baby do you want?

We have requested a child that is 0-2 years of age. We want to keep our birth order.

Are you adopting or fostering?

We are on the foster parent track, which means the goal of foster parenting is to reunify children with their birth parents. But, if that is not an option, then we are open to adoption.

What do your boys think about this?

They are ecstatic! Noah understands completely that a baby is coming to stay in our house and that he may stay for a little while or he may stay forever. Ian understands that the baby will be here to laugh at his many offerings of entertainment and that he will like to drink milk.

When will this happen?

We started the process in September and became official in December, but we requested that we begin receiving calls for placement in February. We already have received a call about one baby, and while we were in the process of deciding, they found a relative placement for him. So, this could happen tomorrow or a few months from now--it just depends on God's perfect timing for the child that belongs in our family.

Why is it, Jenni, that you work out all the time, but yet, you never, ever look like you do?

Chocolate cake.