Monday, February 28, 2011

2-Year Old Mauls Mom for a View of Himself on Camera

The real news in this headline is that my baby is TWO years old!! I tried SO incredibly hard to get all my little monkey's tricks on video, but, alas, he is too enamored with the phenomenally handsome two-year old on the digital camera to perform on command. Remember when you had to wait two weeks for film to be developed?

Besides a really good knock knock joke, Connor is a supreme master of faces. You must experience it in person to really appreciate the Jim Carreyness of his expressions

He is also a master charmer with the ladies

And his obsession with footballs, basketballs and balloons is almost as tremendous as his obsession with milk AND cake.

Plus he's a big fan of the gift giving tradition

Since he was our tiny 4 lb peanut,

he has grown into an enormous bundle of joy!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lessons from a Blizzard

We have emerged from the 20+ inches of snow in two weeks, with all sorts of lessons learned:

If there is a blizzard, please do not take out your truck:

Snow may be mixed with all sorts of ingredients to create some DEEEEELICIOUS ice cream concoctions:

If you become irritable and begin pounding on the window, you may have cabin fever and need some fresh air:

Or you may just need to watch four wheelers drive by:

Accept that you will mainly be enjoying the indoor air, so go ahead and form a band:

Or cheese for the camera and remain your ridiculously adorable self:

Go ahead on your previously planned ski trip where more lovely snow awaits, along with some delightful friends (plus your son will miss NO days of school since it was cancelled all week anyhow):

And rest in the knowledge that a mere week after you return, you may be able to take a balmy trip to the zoo: