Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Whole Bunch of Happy

My dad died in April during my freshman year of college. After his death, his April birthday was also a difficult day for me. My 26-year-old cousin and my Grandpa died in April. Many other less important, but nevertheless sad happenings for me occurred in that A-month (cue "Debbie Downer" theme song).

My friend Emily had a personal hatred for November so we decided to erase those months from our personal calendars. But thankfully that didn't work! Five years ago, Noah was born three weeks early, on my dad's birthday (coincidence doesn't claim that one). My MIL's & Jer Jer's birthdays are in April. Emily's twin girls and my cousin Pam's first son, whom all took many years to conceive, were born in April. So, here's to you April who is officially crowned my come-back month of the year!

For Noah's 5th birthday party, he wanted to "go to the place where you dress up like Star Wars and fight". And since we are currently missing that place in our town, we hosted a Jedi Training Camp at our church. After donning each Jedi with their official tunic and light saber, everyone received a Jedi name.

Master Jedi Htes teaching some of the young Padawans:
Leading the Jedi Training Obstacle Course:

Birthday boy, Jedi Hoan practicing the "windmill" (Htes made-up training moves):
Princess Leia (in the officially ugliest of the Princess Leis costumes) leading a round of "Jedi Jedi Darth" (similar to Duck Duck Goose, but with more using of The Force).

The boys in a stunned silence as all their training is about to be used for the common good of the galaxy:

Then the pummeling of Darth begins:

Darth in the official surrender mode (fetal position):
And the official Dad-of-the Century award goes to...Darth Daddy, showing off his injury:

The more traditional birthday party events:
Noah's additional birthday celebrations:
At the aquarium:

The rare, Oklahoma Bufferfish:
And lest Noah believe we had forgotten his birthday, here were some more cupcake celebrations:

In the midst of parties, we have the JOY of taking care of Connor two times a week:

Our Easter celebrations:

Before the eating festivities begin and pre-church:

Eating peeps:

Eating from Grandmom's Easter Basket:

Eating Dita's Easter Basket Cupcake: