Monday, March 15, 2010

Connor's First Birthday

My blog is turning into a similar version of the Coal Hill Chronicle (the paper from my mom's hometown of 46). While news of someone's important something is included, it is not necessarily news from the current month.

So, Connor turned one a few weeks ago and it was a JOYOUS occasion. Joyous to see my baby reach a milestone and joyous to see him experience the miracle of cake.

I've been around the block, mom-wise, three times now. When my first baby turned one, I invited 36 people (almost the population of Coal Hill) and sufficiently overwhelmed his poor soul. The second time around, I included around 12 people--enough to stress out about tidying my home, but not enough to sensory overload a 12 monther. The third time, I didn't even invite my baby's daddy. Okay, baby's daddy was technically at a super important shale conference in Pittsburgh (where all significant shaling occurs, obviously), and he celebrated the following weekend at an EVEN SMALLER populated party. But local Grandmas and Grandpas (or Grandfatherly Jer Jer figures) attended the February 23rd official birthday of Connor Hutchins (this important change of his name occurred this last week, but, of course, will not be posted about currently).

And here's an overview of my little charmer's first year: