Monday, October 20, 2008

12 Years, Olympic Cat Dogs, Muffin-making Preschoolers & More

There are SO many reasons, but here are just a few why I am glad that I've been married to Seth for 12 years:

1. He makes me laugh incredibly hard every, single day.
2. He ALWAYS leaves the last peanut butter jelly muffin for me. Always.
3. Although he admits to struggling with keeping balance, his family comes first in his priorities.
4. He is incredibly transparent.
5. He is a genius.
6. He is HOT!
7. After 12 years, I have never been more confident in Seth's love, commitment and adoration of little ol' me.
8. Also, he is the one who first tried to make us show 12 years, the following way (he believes EVERYONE enjoys math the way he does):

Here's how Noah shows his love to his little brother:

Noah learning to ride a "sharp-turn" bike (Noah's term):

My favorite chefs:

The Olympic champions after a heated running race at Grandmom's house--Noah placed two "golden medals" on his "dog" Jazz (the white cat):

Noah "playing" in his first game:

Seth playing in his 5,639th game this last weekend:

Friday, October 3, 2008

Parallel Worlds

After I posted my "Scooby Doo Band-Aid" story, my mother-in-law, Sandra, relayed the following story:

When we moved to Wichita, the boys (five and three) stayed with my parents. Dad told the story of passing the door to their room just in time to catch Seth slap Stephen. Stephen automatically began crying, and my Dad asked Seth why he had hit his brother. When Seth didn't reply, Dad repeated, "Seth, why would you hit your brother? What were you thinking?! Seth reluctantly replied, "I was thinking you wouldn't see me."

Sandra and I often share our joy of our boys and their relationship (albeit, sometimes a violent one). This reminded me of some photos that further my belief that Sandra and I are living in a parallel universe.
This is my world:

This is Sandra's (hopefully obviously noted because of the television OR the '76):



And so on: