Thursday, March 31, 2011

Classy Abounds

This is our latest classy addition to our New House Project 2011. Try not to think on the story I heard about the house that did NOT have this accessory.

In other vernal equinox news, my tulips are blooming! Now lest you believe my age to be 94 now that I take pictures of my flowers, I am a proud, young (sort-of) gardener, who has to beg for male people in my house to enjoy the tulip beauty. Since that has been unsuccessful, please inundate me with flowery praise for my ability to place a bulb in the ground and cover it with dirt! I am awesome!

What I truly adore about this picture is that Noah and Colton (Noah's bestie) have no shame that they are 1. Sitting in such close proximity 2. Entrapped in a notoriously female sort of chair 3. Playing with a pink, flowery phone

Are you kidding me??!!???

Thursday, March 10, 2011

House Jigging

We are building a house! Okay, technically, we have hired this really savvy guy to take care of the actual construction process, blah, blah, blah, but WE ARE BUILDING a house!!! I am tingly from head to my elbows to my toes.
The boys and I often take detours to our new house location (which is four miles from our current residence), and we dance (okay, I dance, they pretend to be Incredible Hulk) on our future property.

Yesterday, we went by and the process has begun! As Ian said, "There used to be grass there, and now it is mud. This is SO exciting." I feel it may be similar to pregnancy in that others might not be as riveted by every flutter, stretch and elbow-piercing-the-uterus move that I am, but more interested in the end result. But that won't stop me from posting grass-to-mud shots.
And as is similar with first time parenting, I am seeing the advice givers arrive! My Aunt LindyJo cautiously, tentatively e-mailed some building tips, and then apologetically signed off. My mother-in-law threw caution to the wind and sent several wisdom-filled e-mails. I learned awhile ago the truth of Proverbs 19:20, "Listen to advice, and accept instruction, and in the end you will be wise." I'm still waiting for the ending part of my wiseness to become truth, but I KNOW that through all my journeys of life, accepting instruction has saved me many o' time.

SO Aunt Linda & Grandmom, keep it coming--I am so much more prepared for details that I would haven't even considered had you not lent your wisdom. Anyone else that has some building experience that you WISH you would have had before you built, bring it on!

And can anyone tell me how a stick with some writing on it can make me do a jig?