Friday, January 8, 2010

I missed Phileas Fogg Win a Wager Day (Dec. 21st) AGAIN!!!!

Let's pretend it is SUPER normal in a January blog to include updates from Halloween, as well as Thanksgiving, Christmas and Cat Herders Day (Dec. 15).

And my since-college bff, Christy and I visited Boston of my since-middle-school bff, Cynthia, who is the mostest, bestest tour guide in all the land:

Also, we jumped in leaves:

We had a wonderful November visit from Aunt Barb from Washington and my cousin Rick and his family in Texas:

Here's Rick's youngest daughter, Angelina, who Ian renamed "Julia" for no other reason than he is three and he can:

And a visit from our sweet Jesstine over Thanksgiving:

When we made it to December, we had our annual tree topping pictures:

And my favorite Christmas picture of the boys in front of our church's tree:

Then the boys visited with Santa (Noah informed me that the one at our mall is the real Santa, not a mascot, like some of them are) and you'll be happy to know that Santa is in good health (Noah is also concerned that Santa is going to die soon, since he has a white beard which means you're close to perishing). Connor's first experience was of intrigue of the white beard (the one that means he's old). He enjoyed pulling at the beard and everyone who has had their glasses/earring/hair piece removed by Connor, find tremendous glee in that vision. Ian did a great job of smiling, because every smile you see in the picture involves the bribe of a carousel ride after sitting nicely on Santa's lap:

And our gorgeous city now has ice skating in downtown (only in the winter, as it turns out), which makes me almost feel like we reside in New York:

Then we we prepared for the big man's arrival:

And all were happy that he arrived despite the Oklahoma blizzard conditions and 7" snow drifts:

And we even did snow joy dances:

And some of us turned 8 months old:

Then 9 months:

And, you guessed it, we even made it to ten since my last post:

And here's our sparkling grape juice toast to you for 2010: