Sunday, May 25, 2008


This would be one of Noah's highlights from his first four years of life--fishing with Uncle Duane. Noah's very first cast (or if we're being picky, Duane's cast) brought him in a humongous catfish. It took around ten minutes for him to reel it in (or for Duane to finally bring it on in) and Noah was so proud. For the three hours we were there, Noah caught around ten fish. And after three hours, this is what Seth could catch from the stocked pond. Mitzi caught a HUGE one, plus some and I caught a couple little ones (with Duane's assistance, of course), but Ian wasn't so much interested in the fishing as he was swimming with the fish. He attempted many maneuvers to escape and jump in the water--the forward direct approach, stealthily crouching backwards, hurling himself towards the pond's direction and rolling down the hill. He was as unsuccessful as Seth's fishing prowess. Ian thoroughly enjoyed watching the worms and seeing how far the worms would stretch. We discontinued playing with the worms when he said, "gummy worms!" and tried to get the worm to make a beeline for his mouth. Again, unsuccessful, but still quite entertaining for Ian. Thanks Mitzi & Duane for being amazing fisher(wo)men and friends!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Our lawn service

If you are in the local area and need a good lawn service, you might want to check out these guys. Their price is reasonable (grape snow cones are sufficient) and they are quite thorough (the two shorter guys go over the same space numerous times). Let me know if you need their contact info...

Sunday, May 4, 2008


What I've learned this week:

1. While my mom doesn't enjoy having her upper humerus broken (that's close to the shoulder for you non-medical people like myself), it is really, really cool to say that your mom is in a sling because she was playing volleyball.
2. Even though my mom is mad that she didn't make a point (she was diving for a ball during warm ups), it is still really, really cool to have a mom who breaks things while playing volleyball.
3. If you are ER nurse and a lady, who just broke a bone says that she’s not feeling right, believe her. Don’t make her get in the wheelchair. She may just faint. And that is NOT cool.
4. It is really, really hard to wash your hair with one hand. I tried, just to feel some empathy for my mom and it isn't as easy as one might think. Try it with your next shower and let me know how it goes. Then try deodorant.
5. My mom has some really, really nice friends who will do all sorts of nice stuff for her when she is handicapped (major kudos to Jer Jer--I wouldn't even trade a picture of a one-legged Louisiana man riding a bicycle for all that you have done).
6. My mom is incredibly tough (I knew that before this week) and incredibly stubborn (knew that WAY before this week) and she is my hero (again, not new to this week, just reemphasized after seeing her strength and tenacious courage).